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Double Cross by DiAnn Mills


ISBN-13: 9781414389943 Publisher: Tyndale House

Double Cross by DiAnn Mills is the second book in the FBI: Houston Series and the first of her books that I’ve had the pleasure of reading. I was drawn into it from the first page and thought for sure, I had the bad guys all figured out…I was wrong.


Daniel Hilton is a deeply devoted family man who will stop at nothing to protect his grandparents from the evil scammers trying to steal from them. He balances his job as a police officer with being a part time caregiver for his grandfather who suffers from Alzheimer’s. His grandmother stays by his side, loving him through his clear days as well as his foggy ones. Determined to be everything his drug addicted parents weren’t, Daniel focuses on faith and family.


Lauren Everston is a strong and independent FBI agent. When she loses her partner, she blames herself and is determined to keep the man responsible behind bars. But a new case means teaming up with the evil man she put away all those years ago. He claims to be a new Christian but she’s not buying the act.


Together, they work to solve the case of killers who are targeting Alzheimer’s patients and in it all, Lauren is challenged to live and love again.


Double Cross is a strong suspenseful romantic story that will keep you guessing and flipping pages. I received this book from The Book Club Network and Tyndale Publishing in exchange for my honest review which I’ve provided here.


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