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Old Fashioned by Rene Gutteridge

ISBN-13: 9781414379333 Publisher: Tyndale House

ISBN-13: 9781414379333
Publisher: Tyndale House

Old Fashioned is a story of timeless love where romance is worth more than physical attraction. Rene Gutteridge brings to life a beautiful tale of new love birthed through old fashioned methods.

I absolutely loved Clay Walsh. He’s a man with past regrets from his youthful days who longs to right so many wrongs by doing a complete 360 degree turn. Clay seeks to honor the woman he wants to marry and show her the utmost respect. Although he dives deep into the biblical laws as he desperately tries to be a real gentleman, Clay swings on the pendulum of extremes from frat naughty boy to square “stress boy.” Along the way, he’s forgotten the one thing that changed his life completely: the love of Christ.

Amber Hewson is a young woman with a heart that has never truly healed and remains slightly broken from her own past. When things got tough for her in the past, she would pick up and move on, but she finds that the physical relocation is only geography and strangely, she has lost the desire to do it. She is fascinated by Clay, who she lovingly refers to as stress boy and is intrigued by his strange way of courting.

Clay must sort through serving God with his life and not just trying to be perfect. His personal convictions have cost him friendships, status and a career but he’s pleased to be transformed. The only confusion in his life is his desire for Amber.

In a time when the world is mesmerized by the disillusioned idea in books like 50 Shades of Grey, Old Fashioned is the perfect response. It takes the reader back to a time when women were ladies and gentlemen were truly gentlemen. It demonstrates the beautiful way that courting developed beyond a one night stand and “test driving” another human being to see if they are “compatible.” Old Fashioned is a delightful story that reminds us that the old ways aren’t always wrong and the newest trends aren’t the best.

It’s a book that I would recommend to young and old alike as an example of a love story; it is very well done in every way.

I received this book from the Book Club Network and Tyndale Publishing House in exchange for my honest opinion which I’ve provided here.

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