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Tiffany Girl by DeeAnne Gist

ISBN-13: 9781451692440 Publisher: Howard Books

ISBN-13: 9781451692440
Publisher: Howard Books

In a time when young girls are told they can be anything they want to be, they can achieve anything they put their minds toward and they can do anything they want to do, it’s easy to forget the wilderness that women paved before them. Tiffany Girl is more than a fictional story of a woman who chooses to break out of the norm, it’s a story of a woman who refuses to accept the way things have always been.


DeeAnne Gist takes us into the world of the 1890s where women were not allowed to work, especially once they became a wife. To have dreams pushed aside or be told that they would be letting their families, husbands and the essentially the world down, by not being at home with their children. It’s such a powerful reminder that women have fought long and hard to be recognized as more than the weaker sex but as individuals with God given talents and gifts that can be and should be utilized.


Ok true confession, this is my first DeeAnne Gist book and I’m totally hooked! When I received the book, I’m not going to lie, I was a little freaked out by the size of it. But I flew through the story because, well, it’s just that good.


Flossie is an optimistic, talented and sheltered young woman. She’s been blessed with great parents but she longs to be independent and to be A New Woman. She finds employment with the infamous Louis Tiffany when the men working for him go on strike. But the men aren’t pleased with the women coming to steal their jobs and Flossie finds that even getting to and from work without being molested or attacked is quite the challenge. Flossie moves into a boardinghouse to enjoy the freedoms of living on her own but her naivety is not only a character flaw, it’s down right dangerous.


The boardinghouse is filled with interesting personalities including Reeve Wilder, a journalist who loathes the New Woman concept all together. Determined to write about the annoying topic, he finds himself smack in the middle of Flossie Jayne’s world. In a love hate relationship he can’t seem to define, Reeve is forced to face his own secrets and regrets.


I loved Flossie’s character because she has lived her life based on what her parents and others have told her, about her talents and herself. She finds that she is just as flawed and average as others around her and she accepts that fact.


Tiffany Girl is an amazing story all the way around. It’s a wonderful story with characters you will absolutely fall in love with and a realization that women have come a long way.


My favorite quote from the book is, “Being lonely is a choice, you know” (pg. 296) because it defines how personal choices can develop lifetime events.


Tiffany Girl is a must have, a must read and must share with everyone kind of story!! I loved it and loved having the privilege of reviewing it. I received this book from the author in exchange for my honest review which I’ve provided here.

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