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An Amish Market


ISBN-13: 9780529118684 Publisher: Fiction Guild

An Amish Market is a great set of novellas with stories of love beginning in an Amish marketplace. All of the stories are refreshing and light. One of the great advantages for me in reading Amish fiction. But of them all, Love in Store by Vannetta Chapman was the best. I received this book from the Fiction Guild and Thomas Nelson Publishers and have provided my honest opinion here.

Love Birds by Amy Clipston

Lloyd has a God-given talent to carve beautiful little birds, but his father repeatedly rebukes the craft, saying it’s a prideful sin. Ellie delights in her talented friend, disagreeing with his father. She desperately wants Lloyd to share the gift. I loved this story. Ellie’s sweetness in seeing the best in Lloyd and his self-discovery of sacrifice and sharing his gift.

A Bid for Love by Kathleen Fuller

I enjoyed A Bid for Love and especially liked the way Ezra is caught between so many different rocks and hard places while trying to express his interest in Hannah Lynne. A delightful story of new love and precious old memories. A silly misunderstanding leads to a beautiful discovery. Hannah’s longing to hold onto a memory by obtaining a quilt, leads her to work for Ezra. He’s confusing, interested in her in one instance and pushing her away in another. And when he asks for the quilt back after all the work she’s done, she’s miffed. My favorite part is the way Ezra’s mother leaves all of life’s results to God, trusting that His plan is best.

Sweeter Than Honey by Kelly Irvan

Will is used to being hurt and he blames Englishers for his misery. Isabella is the new girl in town. In a place with a lot of history, she’s on the outside looking in. Isabella’s optimistic outlook manages to show Will the other side of his bitterness and the chance to love again.

Love in Store by Vannetta Chapman

Love in Store was my favorite story in this collection because it focused on a more seasoned couple. It also incorporates a mystery and that is an automatic lure for me. Stella has accepted defeat in the world of babies and marriage. She’s learned to exist and pretend not to hurt over her own infertility. David has known the love of a wife and children but he is facing a new beginning as a widower. When they work together to solve mysterious vandalism and pranking, they find more than the criminal, they find each other.

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