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Deep Shadows by Vannetta Chapman


ISBN-13: 9780736966535 Publisher: Harvest House

Deep Shadows by Vannetta Chapman is a book like no other that I’ve read. With suspense and intrigue, Ms. Chapman weaves together a tale that caused me to stop and rethink everyday life.

What if all of the electricity and power were gone? In a time when we rely so heavily on our internet connections, smartphones and computers, where would we be?

In the story, Shelby and her son, Carter are faced with the struggles of living in a small town when an aurora changes everything. It’s bad enough to have the conveniences of their normal life taken, but bigger issues arise. Medicine, food, water and law enforcement all suddenly rise to the top of priorities.

Shelby’s best childhood friends, Max, Patrick and Bianca are her only remaining family. Together, they’re trying to help the people in Abney, survive the aurora’s nightmare and stay alive in a world that’s become chaotic and frenzied in the fight for survival.

Ms. Chapman has done a fantastic job of making me stop and think about WHAT IF. This book is the first in the series and definitely leaves me wanting more.

I received this book from the author and Harvest House Publishers in exchange for my honest opinion which I’ve provided here.

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