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Fire and Ice by Mary Connealy



ISBN-13: 9780764211805 Publisher: Bethany House

I loved Fire and Ice and was drawn into the story from the standoff in chapter one. Bailey Wilde is the kind of woman that you find yourself cheering on from the beginning. She’s ornery and strong willed probably why she’s still alive based on her past adversities. But she’s also got the heart of woman who longs to be loved even if she can’t admit it right up front.


This book had me literally laughing out loud. Ma Coulter made me want to tie her up and put her in the closet. At times, I wanted to slap Gage Coulter around a little bit for being such a baby but he too, won my heart. The story was wonderfully done and I enjoyed every last page.


This was my first Mary Connealy book and it’s definitely just the beginning! Although Fire and Ice is the third book in the Wild at Heart Series I was able to read it as a standalone without any problems.


Last but not least, here’s my favorite quotes from the book:


“Resting a hand on her arm, he said, “I’d stay beside you at all times. But you can’t make decisions based on fear.” (pg. 249)


Gage couldn’t believe he’d brought a pregnant woman to a gunfight. Surely that was such a big sin that it was written right down in the Bible somewhere. Probably in big letters.” (pg. 293)


I give it five out of five stars and have added the rest of her books to my must read list. I received this book from Bethany House Publishers, NetGalley and the author in exchange for my honest opinion.


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