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Joshua’s Mission by Vannetta Chapman


ISBN-13: 9780736956055 Publisher: Harvest House

Joshua’s Mission by Vannetta Chapman is Book Two in the Plain and Simple Miracles Series.

Are you not a fan of Amish fiction? Or not sure how you feel about it? Or maybe you haven’t actually read any of it but you see it everywhere. I’ve heard people talk about how they’re not sure they’ll like it but by the influx of its popularity, it appears to be on the rise. Vannetta Chapman is the perfect author for those who might be on the fence about it or for those who are new to Amish fiction. I say that because for Amish fiction readers, they’re already well aware that she’s an awesome author.

Joshua’s Mission tells the story of two groups of people. The Amish and the English. When the two worlds combine, they find they aren’t so different. Their love for God and their desire to help those in need surpasses generalities like religious definition. I loved the characters and found them all relatable.

Charlie and his dog Quitz touched my heart from the beginning. Fear and self-preservation cause most to think only of themselves first, but Charlie is thinking of others. Even when the storm threatens his own safety, he makes sure to reach his friends first. His concern for those in need supersedes his common sense. Charlie knows that God is faithful and he’s determined to share that faith by his actions. “There are worse things than dying with a friend in a place you love. When I faced death though, it awoke something in me.” (pg. 215)

Devastation knows no rules and she runs rampant taking with her everything and everyone she can. Restoration comes through those willing to be more than bystanders. Those who will put their hands and feet to work to demonstrate the love of Christ. And in Port Aranses, Texas, help is coming with the MDS team.

Joshua spends his life chasing after his brother who has found ways to push every boundary possible. Desperate to be the peacemaker, he takes a mission trip where he hopes to straighten up the wild child. God may have completely other plans for him though. Joshua can’t see the log in his own eye because he’s too concerned about the log in his brother’s eye.

Becca sees her parents and the way they love one another. She knows that a mission trip changed their life and she’s taking a chance. Finding a new friend in a familiar face, she and Sarah become roommates and work together to help heal a broken community and maybe find the grace to work through their own problems.

And in all of this, a budding romance, a missing child and spiritual growth all combine to work a wonderful healing for several hearts. In the words of Charlie, “Those times were difficult, but we pulled together as a community. From that storm were born friendships I couldn’t have begun to imagine.” (pg. 214)

Joshua’s Mission is beyond delightfully written. It’s an engaging story that will have you enthralled from page one. I highly recommend it and give it five stars! I received this book from the author and Harvest House Publishers in exchange for my honest opinion which I’ve provided here.

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