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Lethal Harvest by William Cutrer and Sandra Glahn


ISBN-13: 9780825444098 Kregel Publishers

BLOG TOUR JULY 4-8, 2016


In order to save the president’s life, a brilliant embryologist– the president’s nephew–made a “devil’s bargain” with a secret group of federal agents. But Tim Sullivan’s illegal genetic manipulations of human embryos place everyone he knows at risk. Before he can finish his work, a freakish accident takes his life, leaving only troubling questions behind.

Now his partner, Ben McKay, and Tim’s widow, Marnie, must uncover the hidden truth about Tim’s research before more lives are swept away. In the process, they’re forced to face their feelings for each other and the dark secrets in their own pasts. This story of love, loss, and danger crosses international borders from Mexico to the former Soviet Union in order to answer one searing question: if Tim’s research is completed, what form will the strange and dangerous harvest take?

Ambition, jealousy, and the ultimate meaning of love move this riveting story through the dark labyrinth that may lie buried under breakthroughs in genetic research and cloning.



Lethal Harvest is a story that kept me on my toes. No laid back, easy reading here. It’s a complicated medical thriller that weaves the possibility of government and medical conspiracy. I felt for the widow of Dr. Tim Sullivan, who gets sucked into her husband’s secret world after his death. Along with his two partners, she finds herself trying to unravel a twisted series of events leading up to the threat of a lawsuit.

It’s an intense read, a little overdone with medical terminology but well written overall.

I received Lethal Harvest from Kregel Publishers in exchange for my honest opinion which I’ve provided here.

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