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Pitchin’ A Fit by Brandilyn Collins


ISBN-13: 9780996961110

Pitchin’ a Fit by Brandilyn Collins

True confessions of this reviewer: I love Brandilyn Collins’ books and would probably read the phone book if she rewrote it. It’s no exaggeration though, that Pitchin’ a Fit is fabulous!

Ms. Collins never fails to deliver a fantastic story and book two of the Dearing Family Series is another great example. Although I’d not read the first book, I was able to enjoy the story from the beginning without any issues and all it did was reinforce the fact that I will be reading book one.

I absolutely loved the characters and found them to be endearing and downright detestable at times. All facets of a great writer.

Edna Day is the most awful mother! And her only child, Christina, has finally escaped the wretched woman. Unfortunately, Edna has other ideas in mind and in her obnoxious ways, she’s come in and attempted to ruin the happiest day of Christina’s life.

Christina has found a wonderful new family in the Dearings and she longs to enjoy them without the presence of her mother. Plagued by the awful memories that accompany Edna, Christina finds herself in the position of facing the things she’s run away from. She’s also faced with the decision of forgiveness. Does it mean her mother too?

Jessica Dearing is one of my favorite characters because she’s outspoken and not afraid of anything or anyone. She says what everyone else is thinking…and not too subtly. I loved her.

I received the audiobook of Pitchin’ a Fit from the author and have provided my honest review here.

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