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The End of Me by Kyle Idleman


ISBN-13: 9781434707079 Publisher: David C. Cook

If you’ve ever read Kyle Idleman’s books before, you know he brings a hard hitting punch of conviction along with a fabulous dose of humor. That whole, “spoon full of sugar” makes the medicine go down, type of thing. And The End of Me is no exception to this rule.

The End of Me is a beautiful realization that brokenness is the beginning of counting the cost to follow Jesus. With funny anecdotes and quick witted humor, Kyle Idleman explains that we need to come to the end of ourselves because it’s precisely where we begin with God.

I can’t tell you enough good things about this book. I laughed, I prayed and I repented. It was that good. Of course, I have favorite quotes from the book listed below. The bottom line, is if you’ve not read it, you need to.

I think one of my favorite sections was: “You may be a Pharisee if…”

And of course my favorite quotes:

We have nothing to offer, and that means we’re making progress. That’s real revolutionary talk. (Loc 150)

She is broken and she knows it, but He sees something else. She is beautifully broken. (Loc 177)

The funny thing about tears is that when they fill our eyes, that’s when we see most clearly. (Loc185)

The good news is that God makes the broken whole. He takes the overlooked, the undervalued, the left-out, the written off, the damaged and destroyed, and then He does what only He can do. God loves to make the broken beautiful. (Loc 247)

I received a copy of The End of Me from NetGalley and David C. Cook Publishing in exchange for my honest opinion which I’ve provided here.


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