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Whispers in the Reading Room


ISBN-13: 9780310338499 Publisher: Zondervan

Whispers in the Reading Room is book three of the Chicago World’s Fair Mystery Series but can be easily read as a standalone. I’ve not read the first two, but have already added them to my must read pile. This is the first of Shelley Gray’s books that I’ve read and I was extremely impressed.

The story is a great contrast of a prim and proper librarian and a rascal turned crime boss. Two unlikely hearts that are drawn together by the love of books. I loved the mystery of “who done it” along with the romantic twist of Lydia and Sebastian. Ms. Gray did a wonderful job of keeping the suspense moving and showing the developing relationships.

I thoroughly enjoyed Whispers in the Reading Room and would absolutely recommend the books. I received this book from the Fiction Guild and Zondervan Publishers in exchange for my honest opinion which I’ve provided here.


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