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A Conspiracy of Breath by Latayne Scott is the second book by the author that I’ve read. I thoroughly enjoyed Latter Day Cipher and was excited to delve into her latest book.

The fictional story of Priscilla has so much interesting history woven within. Ms. Scott does a fabulous job of incorporating important historical facts into everyday life for the characters. I found the richness of the setting and storytelling drawing me into the world post Jesus’ resurrection. A fascinating time no doubt and very dangerous for new believers. I especially loved the way she described Paul. It brought that part of scripture alive for me.

Cordelia is by far one of my favorite characters because she is a constant in their ever-changing world. I was fascinated by her illness and her tenacity to hold onto her faith. Priscilla offers many natural responses to the unnatural things happening around her, yet she doesn’t waiver away from her faith.

One of the most powerful questions posed is in the introduction. Ms. Scott writes: “What would it have been like, I wondered, to live with the knowledge of He of Life, and imminent death, both at the same time in your mind: cognitive dissonance of the soul.”

I also appreciated that it wasn’t Ms. Scott’s goal to convince anyone that a woman wrote the book of Hebrews, rather to show the what if. Women were loved by Jesus and although society made it hard on them to participate, Jesus invited them.

A Conspiracy of Breath is a touching story of the hardships of living after Jesus’ death and resurrection, believing in Him having never known him. And the beautiful story within its pages was delightfully done.

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