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A Harmony for Steve


Publisher: Olivia Kimbrell Press (September 27, 2016) ISBN-13: 978-1939603388

A Harmony for Steve is book four in the Song of Suspense Series. I’ve loved this series so A Harmony for Steve was a must have in my personal library. Although it’s been awhile since I read the last book, I had no trouble jumping back in.

I think what I found most impressive in this book was the topics Hallee Bridgeman broached. A Satanic heavy metal band with a scary group of followers, drug and alcohol addiction, and the struggle of going outside the safety of Christian protection in Harmony’s music career.

Harmony Harper is a godly woman who lives the Christian life by her devotion and love for terminally ill children as well as her music dedicated to worshipping God. She dares to have her music hit the pop charts with crossover albums and even commits to a concert where the band Abaddon is playing. Her run in with Steve Slayer isn’t a good one, but she manages to sing for God anyway. Her music touches Steve right where it needs to, eventually bringing him to his knees. But his followers aren’t happy about the transition and his newfound love for God.

I loved the heartiness of this book and the realism it portrayed about the life inside and outside of Christianity. Already a fan of Hallee Bridgeman, A Harmony for Steve was a welcomed addition to her books and I would absolutely recommend it. I received the book from the author and The Book Club Network.

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