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Another Day Another Dali


ISBN-13: 9780800726690 Publisher: Revell

Another Day Another Dali is book two in the Serena Jones series and a great addition. Serena is a hoot. I love her quirkiness and the woman does find a way to get herself into the most interesting predicaments and of course, getting herself out of them is always entertaining.

As she hunts down art forgers, Serena inadvertently digs up truths about her grandfather’s cold case. Old hurts and perceived actions are in desperate need of clarification in her family. Serena is caught between two men who are helpful and cute. And if her mother gets her way, they’ll be on the Husband To Be list. If only Serena agreed.

I loved this story and especially Aunt Martha. She’s always fun. Sandra Orchard once again delivers a great mystery filled with suspense and a dash of romance.

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