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Chasing Secrets


ISBN-13: 9780800723910 Publisher: Revell

I have absolutely loved Lynette Eason’s Elite Guardian Series. Chasing Secrets is book four and a great addition. I’ve read all four but it isn’t necessary in order to keep up with the story.

Haley Callaghan is tough and very capable of taking of herself. She’s my favorite in this series because she’s also got a big heart for others. Her gentle compassion for Zeke and his family’s needs is touching and says far more about Haley than anything else she does. But it also is the catalyst for killers determined to silence her. I enjoyed the developing romance between her and Steven and of course, was rooting for them to be together. Lynette Eason weaves a steady stream of suspense in all of her stories and Chasing Secrets is no exception.

A quick succinct review of Chasing Secrets is: It’s an excellent story, suspenseful, intriguing with a twist of romance.

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