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Conspiracy of Silence


Publisher: Bethany House ISBN-13: 9780764217654

Conspiracy of Silence is the first book in The Tox Files and it’s not for the weak! There’s nonstop action and suspense. It’s my first of Ronie Kendig’s books and I’m hooked for sure. Her writing is unique in that her books easily appeal to both men and woman. And its fodder for action junkies.

I fell in love with Cole “Tox” Russell. He’s tough as nails, fights like a madman, and has incredible family, sacrificial conviction. Tox is the hero that too often is also the government’s scapegoat. His commitment has cost him friendship, trust and a normal life. Yet, when given the option, he jumps right back into it. He’s fabulous.

Chiji is my favorite character. He knows exactly how to talk to Tox, to get him to reason, and to kick him in the shorts when necessary. Totally reminds me of The Blacklist’s Raymond Reddington and Dembe Zuma.

FBI deception expert, Kasey Cortes, is brilliant. She’s trained to watch for clues that most folks would miss. I loved reading her analysis of the characters’ behavior.

The book not only kept my attention, it kept me up at night because I couldn’t stop reading. Ronie Kendig offers a never-ending thrill ride. It’s fast paced and intense. Her descriptions of combat are so graphic you can taste it! Conspiracy of Silence has it all. Romance. Intrigue. Biowarfare. History. Military. Characters. Plots. It’s fabulous.

I received the book from Bethany House Publishers.

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