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If I’m Found


ISBN-13: 9780310332480 Publisher: Zondervan

If I’m Found by Terri Blackstock is the sequel to If I Run and brings us right back where Casey Cox left off. The book is fast paced and intense from page one and continues that way through the end where we’re left hanging for the next book. A fact that frustrated me but I’ll be reading the third book in the series because I have to know what happens next!

Casey Cox is resourceful and gutsy. The kind of character that you cheer on and are frustrated to see suffer in anyway. She’s always in the wrong place at the wrong time and I sure hope this poor woman gets justice for all the junk she’s endured.

Dylan Roberts is the best kind of investigator because he’s willing to see the truth and not get stuck in the mission. He’s strong and protective.

My new favorite character is Dex. The guy is just cool. He’s intelligent and the best kind of friend to Dylan. He helps without asking a hundred and one questions.

If I’m Found kept me on the edge of my seat and although I was grateful to see some issues resolved, the book presents many others. I will admit, I found the story to be very stressful. I wanted to see something positive happen and see justice for the characters who’d been hurt the most.

Terri Blackstock knows how to wrap us into a suspenseful ride and keep us hanging on until the end. If I’m Found is another great addition to the series.

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