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Sandpiper Cove

Sandpiper Cove

ISBN-13: 9780800727680 Publisher: Revell

Sandpiper Cove is the third book in the Hope Harbor series and it does not disappoint. Irene Hannon takes us back to the wonderful little town where Charley is still offering great wisdom and Reverend Baker and Father Murphy continue their lighthearted bantering.

Lexie Graham is the town’s police chief. She has earned her place and has a great reputation for doing what is right. When the ex-con living outside of town experiences vandalism, she gives him the benefit of the doubt, especially after meeting Clyde.

Adam Stone expects to be judged and pretty much figures he has earned it. But Hope Harbor offers a lot of surprises and Lexie Graham is one of the best.

The budding romance and suspense of Brian’s struggle with the school bully makes Sandpiper Cove a page turner.

I am a fan of Irene Hannon already so it is not hard to rave about this book. But there is no embellishing when I say I think it is the best of the Hope Harbor series.

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