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Skin in the Game


ISBN-13: 9780825443596 Publisher: Kregel Publishing

Skin in the Game is a short book with a powerful punch. I was pleasantly surprised by the content and so glad I read it. I’d highly recommend the book for any believer, male or female, young or old, seasoned or brand new to the faith.

I had so many highlighted places it’s impossible for me to share them all here, but a few favorite quotes from the book are:

“When we walk with Him into the deep end of our lives, we find sanctuary in His strength as our own sense of independence fades. Rescue drives us closer to Jesus, and closeness is what God is after.” Pg. 41

“Amid the disappointment of our unmet hopes and dreams and the agony of our wounds and struggles, Jesus remains frustratingly good.” Pg. 122

I received Skin in the Game from the Book Club Network and Kregel Publishing and have provided my honest opinion here.

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