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The House on Foster Hill


ISBN-13: 9780764230288 Publisher: Bethany House

The House on Foster Hill was OUTSTANDING. I don’t say that often because there has to be something that distinguishes good from GREAT. This is one of those books. Jaime Jo Wright does something exceptional by writing a timeslip romantic suspense all in one. And she does it well.

I loved Ivy Thorpe, the strong-willed, big hearted woman who sees the beauty in each person’s story. But her desire to honor those who’ve passed on is the one thing that places her in danger. Still, in righting another’s wrong, she finds the courage to live again outside of her own heartbreak.

Kaine Prescott has no trouble fighting for another but her own broken soul isn’t something she can fix alone. Her humor and drive make her such a wonderfully relatable character. And she’s a dog lover. That alone gave her favor with me. An example of her personality is found in this quote from The House on Foster Hill. “If I scream,” Kaine spoke aloud to only the mice, “it’s probably a gargantuan spider eating my finger, so go get help.”

The House on Foster Hill has everything, suspense, intrigue, mystery, romance and history. A must read I highly recommend.

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