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The Wisdom of God


ISBN-13: 9780764218088 Vendor: Bethany House

Nobody can say it like A. W. Tozer and The Wisdom of God is a power packed, insightful book that provides nourishment to the hungry soul. Reminding us that God’s wisdom does not come from merely reading numerous books or studying every theologian and preacher we can find. Rather, the wisdom of God comes from the divine insight that is gained from a deep relationship with the Almighty in a way that only He can provide.

Christianity is not a creation of the human mind, and because it is not, it cannot be explained by the human mind. – The Wisdom of God, page 46.

Explaining away the things we do not understand, fear understanding, or desire to understand leaves the wisdom God intended for us in a place where we have only accessed a tiny portion of the gift. I am a huge fan of Tozer and love the way he writes so I can easily say I would recommend The Wisdom of God.

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