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The Writing Desk by Rachel Hauck


ISBN-13: 9780310341598 Publisher: Zondervan

The Writing Desk is officially my new favorite Rachel Hauck book. The characters are so incredibly well developed and REAL. I loved Tenley Roth! She’s witty, lovable and the kind of heroine that comes alive off the page from the start. She embodies the fears that writers possess in such an honest and believable way. I am really, really, hoping she makes a comeback in another book because she’s the kind of character that you need to know more about. Likewise, Jonas Sullivan is amazing and kind, a man who knows the meaning of love and doesn’t take it for granted.

Tenley battles with family hurts that force her into a place of taking forgiveness to the next level as she helps her mother walk through cancer treatment. Their relationship is difficult and touches the areas of huge let downs and the messiness aftermath of restoration.

Birdie and her mother’s relationship is crazy! I wanted poor Birdie to fly the nest and be free. Her integrity and intelligence is unmatched. Elijah is the wounded hero that shows there is great reward in waiting for the best things in life.

The two stories are woven from an intricate past into an intriguing present, colliding into a beautiful romance that no one can do like Rachel Hauck. Taking the reader into both worlds with equal depth and providing a full scope view of the two stories, she is a master storyteller.

I thoroughly enjoyed The Writing Desk and give it five out of five stars.

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