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Whispers of Rest


Publisher: FaithWords ISBN-13: 9781455598205

Whispers of Rest is like no other devotional I’ve read. It’s encouragement, a bible study, factual and touching. The daily readings are like Jesus Calling combined with a powerful lesson all while having coffee with a friend.

I can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t benefit from Whispers of Rest. It’s for the college student, the young mother, the business woman, the empty nester, and the seasoned woman. It’s for the forgotten, the broken, the healed, the happy, the sad, the poor and the rich.

With the powerful use of scripture, Bonnie teaches the reader to listen for God’s whisper. One of my favorite parts is Daily Beloved Challenge where she offers practical steps toward living out that day’s teaching.

I’ve got so many highlighted quotes but a few of my favorites are:

“If we turned back to only what we know, we would miss out on the beautiful journey God has for us now.” (Pg. 19)

“Tomorrow can be different. God will make a way when there seems to be no way.” (Pg. 201)

“Jesus tells us he is that Someone, lovingly whispering your name – I remember you, Beloved.” (Pg. 171)

Bonnie Gray has an amazing talent for taking devotional learning a step further, sharing the Whispers of Rest to the reader’s heart. I have absolutely loved this book and can say I highly, very, very highly, recommend it.

The author generously offers some great freebie and a book club at her website

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