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A Secret to Die For


ISBN-13: 9780800729158 Publisher: Revell

There are a group of authors who I can count on every time I pick up their book. Lisa Harris is one of those writers and A Secret to Die For did not disappoint me.

The characters were well written, and I appreciated the way the heroine, Grace Callahan, handled being divorced after a tragic event destroyed her marriage. Nate Quinn is working through his own PTSD issues while trying to protect Grace.

The story is filled with action and yet balances romance in a realistic way as Grace and Nate are reunited after years of being apart. When one of Grace’s patients is murdered, she and Nate are thrust into uncovering the truth behind conspiracy theories and crazed accounts.

The twists are unexpected, and the book had me flipping pages long into the evening. Lisa Harris always delivers a great story and A Secret to Die For was no exception.





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