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A Rooster Once Crowed and Study Guide

Publisher: Full Porch Press

Publisher: Full Porch Press

A Rooster Once Crowed Leader’s Study Guide is a very well done study resource and is most effective when used with the book A Rooster Once Crowed. The Leader Small Group Study Guide for A Rooster Once Crowed is such a fantastic resource. Whether you are an experienced leader or a brand new leader this book will provide a great educational source to study the Bible using the book A Rooster Once Crowed.

Mr. Cornett provides a very simple and easy to follow outline to help facilitate the group through the study even going as far as to provide overviews for the chapters. This group study can be completed within seven sessions, however, the material can be adjusted as necessary to either reduce or expand the number of sessions. Each session is divided into the following areas and has clear, easy to follow instructions.

The sections include:
Bookends – Scriptures that define the chapter
Summary which includes video links
Major Questions for Discussion
Other Questions for Discussion
Building blocks for next chapters
The Main Idea
Additional Resources/Notes even provides a song to correlate to each chapter

Because the Study Guide is so directly connected to reading and studying the correlating book it’s relevant to incorporate the information from A Rooster Once Crowed which I’ve provided below based on my review of the book. Both the book and study guide take the reader from Genesis and the creation through the new church in Revelations. It is the point of decision where you take the bible stories from Sunday School and turn them into life transforming direction. Mr. Cornett offers some great insight as he breaks down things like the Trinity, opening my eyes to some things that I’ve just always “known” in church to truly understanding.

There are so many awesome points in this book. Mr. Cornett says, “When the fact that an all-powerful God of heaven and earth became a seed and was torn for you – when that becomes your Fundamental truth, then it is your absolute pleasure to obey.” (p. 121)

In speaking of the crucifixion, a powerful statement he makes reads, “Finally, you must bury the cross deep within your heart. Read and work through the Gospels and this sacrifice until it melts you. Imagine what it must have been like to stand in Jerusalem. How did the blood of Jesus, mixed with dirt and sweat, smell? How did it feel to stand by and see 400 pounds of wood and flesh drop nine inches into the groove that had been cut to hold it?” (p.120)

This book takes the believer into the deeper realm of understanding and not just common “feel good” church messages. “A rooster once crowed cannot be uncrowed. The first crow of the rooster if familiar. It is the moment you recognized something as true and stop and try to remember how you know it. The first crow of the rooster is the reminder that you’re late, but still have time to make it on time. It is the moment of opportunity.” (p.200)

I would absolutely recommend both of the books in A Rooster Crowed Once as well as The Leader Small Group Study Guide. These are great resources to have! I received this book from the Book Club Network in exchange for my honest opinion.rooster

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