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Axis Quest, Take Flight

ISBN-13: 9781500463656  Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing

ISBN-13: 9781500463656
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing

Axis Quest, Take Flight is the second book in the Axis Quest series. It resumes where the first book, Axis Quest, The Beginning left off. Lily is still facing the reality of the biggest betrayal she’s ever known. As Lily and her Granny continue to spend valuable time together, Granny is ever teaching Lily about God and the spiritual realm where so much more is happening than she ever considered.


Jack, the brother of Mr. Blue Eyes, comes to talk to Lily and Granny. He is exceptionally rude and as he’s leaving, he falls. Lily remarks that “Karma is so sweet!” but Granny explains that it’s more than the idea of Karma. Lily considers, “I guess I’ve seen things that I call karma, but never thought they might be an angel at work, trying to save a soul. That’s a fascinating thought and makes my heart happy…”


Lily is examining her life and remembering days when she was stronger and not so overwhelmed. She says, “Why don’t I feel that strong anymore? Would I be able to do that same thing again today? I’m not sure. Time has softened me into a more compliant nature and I find that I compromise more to ‘fit in’ and ‘get along’. I don’t like confrontation and often times don’t stick up for myself the way I should. Have I morphed into a wimp?”


Granny warns Lily that she needs to focus on the light and not the darkness. She says, “Always seek the light and always remember that light dispels darkness. Where the light exists, darkness fails. There can be no darkness in the light. Don’t give power to the darkness by believing in it or looking for it or talking about it. People give it power when they believe in it. It’s just the opposite of faith in God. God is love and light. He’s more powerful and defeats any darkness. I don’t speak about the darkness for fear of giving it more power.”


Lily and Granny help a stranger who is attacked by a snake. They find he has been closer to them than they thought and in learning more about him, they discover that loving a brother in Christ means taking action whenever possible.


As Lily has been growing stronger in her faith, she returns to her home only to find it’s in complete disarray. Heartbroken by her family’s lack of concern for her, she returns to Granny for counsel. While there, Mr. Blue Eyes returns and requests help for his farm. In wisdom, Lily and Granny discuss the options of helping him.


Overall, the second book in the Axis Quest series is a good read. It leaves the reader hanging and ready for the next book in the series. I give it four out of five stars. I received this book from the authors in exchange for my review which I’ve provided here.

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