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Axis Quest, The Beginning

BN ID: 2940045774260  Publisher: Shane Flynn

BN ID: 2940045774260
Publisher: Shane Flynn

In Axis Quest, The Beginning, Lily, a mother, wife and granddaughter, discovers that life is more than what can be seen in the natural realm.

Lily is on her way to bring groceries to her grandmother when she sees a woman at the grocery store. She has the feeling that she should go and talk to the woman but she reasons it away because she needs to keep with her schedule. “After all, what could I do, I don’t know her and am not sure I even want to know here. Still, the feeling persists.”

Lily ponders simple things like talking to a woman she doesn’t know and seeing trash blowing in the street but not caring enough to do anything about either of the situations. As she watches trash bags blowing in the street, Lily thinks, “I bet they get swept into the atmosphere and end up in the ocean where they poison little seals and dolphins. The thought makes me sad for a moment, but I brush it aside thinking that’s a job for someone else to worry about.”

Lily’s life has been mundane and her marriage is depressing. She and her husband Rory, no longer have the feeling of being in love and the day to day experiences of work, children and household chores are wearing at them both. Lily says, “If this was a real job, I would be making a nice fat paycheck.” She feels like her husband and kids take for granted the work she does around the house in keeping everything in order.

Lily is caught up in an auto accident on her way to her grandmother’s house. A man with beautiful blue eyes becomes a knight in shining armor at the accident scene and she soon discovers he is a neighbor to her grandmother. As she begins opening her heart to her grandmother, whom she calls, Granny, she is given wise advice. Granny asks her how long it’s been since she spent time reading her Bible and instructs Lily to really think about where she allows her mind to wander. Granny fearfully explains that by focusing on bad thoughts, Lily is inviting demons to harass her. Granny has Lily begin reading Psalm 23 and afterward says, “That’s why I knew you were thinking bad thoughts. I could see these dark clouds forming around you. Dark beings were looking for a way into your mind and soul. But as soon as you started reading God’s word, the 23rd Psalm, angels came out of the air and stated fighting for you. They scared those dark things away and kept them away right up until you starting thinking bad thoughts again.”

Granny teaches Lily that believing in God is so much more than just going to church and reading the Bible occasionally. It’s faith that is rooted in your every waking moment. Even before Lily faces one of the hardest betrayals she’s ever known, Granny has laid the foundation of trusting God for everything.

Axis Quest, The Beginning was a good story. The ending leaves the reader hanging and wanting to jump into the next book immediately. Overall, I would give the book four out of five stars.

I received this book from the authors in exchange for my honest review which I have provided here.

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