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Hurricane Season


ISBN-13: 9780718084257 Publisher: Thomas Nelson

Hurricane Season by Laura Denton is the story of two sisters who are complete opposites in every way yet bear a touching and deep-rooted bond.
Jenna’s reputation as the bad girl / difficult daughter has marked her since her teen years, but she’s worked hard to prove she’s not that person anymore. When an invitation to attend a retreat comes her way, and all the details are worked out, she goes hoping to rediscover the passions she once held for photography.
Betsy is the good girl who does everything right. She’s taken care of Jenna since they were kids so when her baby sister calls for help, Betsy doesn’t think twice and doesn’t bother asking her husband. But caring for Jenna’s young children tears at Betsy’s heart cry to be a mother herself. And when Jenna doesn’t come back for the girls as intended, Betsy finds herself caught between doing what’s right and doing what she’s always wanted.
Hurricane Season is beautifully written. Ms. Denton took me into the story and the characters came alive. It’s a touching book about sisters and the bonds that make and break them.


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