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ASIN: B07H919D8W

Jesse is book four in the Sisters By Design series. One of the things that I love best about Sharon Srock’s books is the way she transports me as a reader into the town of Garfield. I become a friend to the women there, sharing in their misery, victories and everyday life. The greatest parts of her characters are simply the way they do life together. Not perfectly, but in a realistic way that is relatable.

Jesse has found true love but her ex-husband, an abusive and manipulative man, is determined to destroy her happiness. When her fiancé is wrongfully accused of raping a student, Jesse finds herself thrown into a battle of trusting in the man she believes him to be. Worse, unless he can prove his innocence, their wedding and new beginning is placed indefinitely on hold.

I absolutely loved Jesse. Definitely a fantastic read that I’d recommend.



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