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On Magnolia Lane


ISBN-13: 9780718090548 Publisher: Thomas Nelson

I devoured On Magnolia Lane by Denise Hunter, the final book in the Blue Ridge Romance series.

Daisy Pendleton and Pastor Jack McReady both want love and romance.

Jack’s friends want to help him because they can see what he thinks he’s hidden so well. Tangled in their plan, he finds himself in a precarious position when the one thing he’s wanted is practically handed to him. But it means going against his conscience.

When a mysterious woman enters Daisy’s floral store, she has no idea that their meeting will have such a powerful impact in her life. She gets the opportunity to face her fears, at the cost of her family’s secrets.

There is no lack of intrigue in On Magolia Lane. I give it five out of five stars and highly recommend it!

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