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Secrcoveret Remains is the first of Jennifer Graeser Dornbush’s books that I’ve read, but it won’t be the last. The second book in A Coroner Daughter’s Mystery series, Secret Remains was fast-paced with several twists and turns to keep me intrigued. The main character, Emily, is a smart and witty surgical resident dragged into small town Freeport’s crime solving world as their reluctant coroner. When a body is discovered, the past is uncovered revealing a mystery from many years prior that sheds doubts on local men as a possible murder. But when one of those men is close to Emily, she must weigh her duty as an unbiased party with her friendship in order to solve the crime.

Ms. Dornbush kept this story moving and the clues flowing. I thoroughly enjoyed Secret Remains and would highly recommend it.





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