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Welcome back everyone! Today, I’m welcoming my beautiful friend, Jackie Layton. Grab a seat and let’s talk cozy mysteries and her new release.

First, here’s Jackie’s bio:

Jackie has lived her whole life in the South. Kentucky then Georgia, back to Kentucky and now South Carolina. She’s a quick golf card ride from the nearest beach and loving life on the coast.

As a child Jackie loved to read, play with her dolls and play Barbies. In high school she dreamed of stories she’d write, but she didn’t pursue the dream until her youngest son was in high school. One day she thought she better start learning or it was never going to happen.

Years ago, Jackie became a sports fan in order to carry on conversations with her husband and two sons. This girly girl learned to understand baseball, football, basketball, soccer and tennis and spent years cheering for her boys.

Jackie enjoys exploring the Low Country of South Carolina where she set her fictional town of Heyward Beach. She spends her time working as a pharmacist, volunteering with a children’s afterschool program, attending her new church, and of course writing cozy mysteries.

SHAREE:       Jackie, I’m so excited to share your brand-new release, Bite the Dust, with our readers! What inspired you to write cozy mysteries?

JACKIE:         Sharee, it happened the fall I met in real life you at ACFW conference. During one of my appointments, and editor discussed writing cozy mysteries. The more we talked, a peace flowed over me.  While I enjoy reading many genres, mysteries are what I enjoy most. After the conference I went home and began writing my first cozy mystery.

SHAREE:       That was one of my most favorite conferences EVER! Do you have a favorite author or book?

JACKIE:         My favorite book is often the one I’m reading at the time. As far as favorite authors, there are too many to list. The one author whose books I’ve read multiple times is Robin Jones Gunn. Her spiritual messages always tug at my heart to be a better person in the midst of a great story.

SHAREE:       I love Robin Jones Gunn and especially her Sisters Chick series. Is there a character in your new release who stole your heart? Or one you love to hate?

JACKIE:         I don’t want to give away any secrets, but there was one character I hated, but at the end of the book I understood him better and felt sorry for him.

SHAREE:       Ah yes, those misunderstood characters are so much fun. What’s the one message you’d love readers to gain from your book?

JACKIE:         Isaiah 1:17 Learn to do right; seek justice.  Andi Grace seeks justice for her friend. It takes courage to fight for justice. God is just, and with prayer we need to find the perfect balance between seeking justice ourselves and allowing God to handle the situation.

SHAREE:       A good word for sure! Would you share a little about your writing journey?

JACKIE:         My writing journey has been full of ups and downs. If I’d become successful with my first book, I would’ve missed out on making so many friends, and I wouldn’t have as strong of a relationship with Jesus.

SHAREE:       I couldn’t agree more. There’s something beautiful about our writing maturing in friendships and most importantly, with the Lord. What advice would you give to fellow authors?

JACKIE:         Pray. Find a critique group who isn’t afraid to point out your flaws. You also want people who will cheer and pray you to victory.

SHAREE:       Yes, most definitely. A critique group must have honesty for everyone to get something out of it and sharing real life with them is precious. When you’re struggling for inspiration/motivation, what’s your go to?

JACKIE:         The beach is where I feel closest to God and where I find my inspiration. When I’m struggling, I spend time with God. I don’t always get the answer during my quiet time, but I’m not as anxious.

SHAREE:       I’m so jealous that you have the beach to go to! There’s nothing like the ocean to act as a reset button on our minds. Thank you so much, Jackie for being here!

JACKIE:         Sharee, thanks so much for hosting me today.

SHAREE:       Friends, don’t miss out on Jackie’s new release, Bite the Dust. I can attest it is a fabulous read!

Secrets can be deadly.

One steamy South Carolina morning, Low Country dog walker Andi Grace Scott discovers a client’s dead body. Police quickly decide she’s the prime suspect. Horrified, she knows she’ll have to turn detective if she’s going to convince them they’re barking up the wrong tree.

Proving her innocence could be a tall order. The local police never solved the hit-and-run that killed her parents; Andi Grace isn’t sure they’ll solve this crime either…not when they have a convenient suspect—one caught with the possible murder weapon in her hand. She’ll have to follow every clue and call in every favor, even if that puts her in danger.

Connect with Jackie:

Twitter: @Joyfuljel

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