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Just a Kiss


ISBN-13: 9780718023751 Publisher: Thomas Nelson

Just a Kiss is the third book in Denise Hunter’s Summer Harbor series and is just as romantic and intriguing as the first two novels.

What do you do when you have feelings for your best friend—ones she has no idea exist—and she starts dating your older brother? Why, enlist in the military of course! At least, that was Riley Callahan’s logic. When his tour is up, Riley decides he is going to tell Paige how he feels, but his big plan changes when an IED makes him an amputee and takes the life of buddy. Now he’s convinced that Paige deserves someone better than him and that distance is all they need. However, Riley’s family surprises him when he arrives home: Paige will be his caretaker for a while.

Paige is delighted to be taking care of her best friend, but she soon discovers that Riley is hiding his pain beneath good appearances. Now her animal shelter is in danger of closing and Paige’s feelings for Riley are not what they used to be. Can Riley and Paige overcome their own problems to let the other one into their hearts?

I love Denise Hunter’s books; they always make me feel happy. This story was no different. Just a Kiss is a sweet, romance novel I was unable to put down. Every spare moment was spent delving into Riley and Paige’s lives; I could not get enough! Sometimes Riley’s stubbornness would irk me, but a happy ending is always worth reading for.

If I had to give Just a Kiss a rating, I would give it five out of five stars. If you like romance novels, you will love Denise Hunter’s novel.

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