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The Angels’ Share By James Markert


ISBN-13: 9780718090227
Publisher: Thomas Nelson

What do the end of Prohibition, a family tragedy, journalism, and a strange phenomenon have in common? All are elements of James Markert’s novel The Angels’ Share.

The distillery William McFee’s family owned and operated in the years before Prohibition served as an important part of the town of Twisted Tree, but since several family tragedies occurred, the distillery no longer operates. Then, when a drifter is buried in the cemetery near the family business and miracles start happening all around them, strange things begin to happen.

Will the distillery ever operate again? Who was this drifter? And what could he have to do with the death of William’s younger brother?

This was the first book I read by James Markert, and it was definitely not what I expected—in a good way! I liked this novel because it was different—a different part of history, a different point of view, and a different tale. As the story goes, the reader learns a little about alcohol and Prohibition. There are also elements of mystery, young love, and faith. I enjoyed the adventures William embarked upon and the buried family secrets that emerged throughout the book.

If you enjoy adventurous, historical fiction, you’ll like The Angels’ Share. If I had to award this book a rating, I would give it 4 out of 5 stars.

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