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The Love Letter by Rachel Hauck


the love letter

ISBN-13: 9780310351009 Publisher: Thomas Nelson

What if your ancestor never got the happy ending he/she so desired? What if you could remedy that—at least in the form of modern writing? That is precisely what Jesse Gates, a brand-new screen writer, does when he discovers the love letter written by his grandfather in Rachel Hauck’s latest release The Love Letter.

The book encompasses four stories: those of Jesse Gates—the screen writer, Chloe Daschle—the daughter of Hollywood Royalty and the recently dubbed “queen of death scenes,” as well as Esther Longfellow—the daughter of a Loyalist in the American Revolution, and Hamilton Lightfoot—Jesse Gates’ great grandfather who fought in the Revolutionary war. Ms. Hauck takes each of these characters’ individual tales and weaves them into one grand story.

I enjoyed this book, though it was different than the others Rachel Hauck has written like it. The Love Letter incorporates the Revolutionary War, an old family love story, and a modern telling of that love story through motion picture.

If you like romance, historical fiction, and family tales, you’ll love The Love Letter. If I had to rate this book, I’d give it 4 out of 5 stars.

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