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The Wedding Chapel by Rachel Hauck

wedding chapel

ISBN-13: 9780310341529 Publisher: Zondervan

“Wow” is the only word I have to describe Rachel Hauck’s latest book, The Wedding Chapel. The mix of past stories, present stories, and family secrets made this book one of the best I’ve ever read.

Jimmy Westbrook, also known as “Coach,” built a beautiful wedding chapel for the love of his life Collette Greer in the 1950’s. For sixty years, it has stood silent and unused in Heart’s Bend, Tennessee. When special interest in his chapel appears, Jimmy is thrust back into the world of his emotions, the ones he thought he’d buried long ago. Taylor Branson left Heart’s Bend to rid herself of the many family problems that lurked there. She finds herself in New York, and she falls in love with Jack Forrester, who is also a Heart’s Bend native. Their love connection leads to an elopement and some second thoughts, as Jack battles his own inner demons. When Taylor takes a photography assignment in Heart’s Bend, she discovers secrets and events that could change everything for her family.

This book was absolutely amazing! Once I started reading it, I could literally not put it down. I would wake up earlier and go to bed later just to catch one more chapter of the story. The way Miss Hauck set up the story was so different. Parts of the chapters were in the past, while there were whole chapters in the present. The Wedding Chapel taught me that love runs deep, you should never give up on love, and always go where you hear God’s voice. There were so many mysteries and questions I had, but by the end of the story, every one of them was answered.

I give this book five out five stars because it is probably the best fiction book you will ever read. I highly recommend reading The Wedding Chapel by Rachel Hauck.

I received this book from Zondervan Publishing and the Fiction Guild.

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