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The Wedding Dress


ISBN-13: 9781595549631 Publisher: Thomas Nelson

The Wedding Dress is one of Rachel Hauck’s best books.

Charlotte owns a fabulously chic bridal boutique in Birmingham. She loves to help brides find that dress for their big days. However, her own wedding day is fast approaching, and she can’t seem to find her own dress—or the assurance she needs that marrying her fiancé, Tim, is the right thing to do. But when she buys an old trunk at an estate sale, Charlotte discovers a beautiful vintage gown and many mysteries inside. As she searches for the dress’s history, Charlotte’s distraction becomes a full-blown investigation. She gets to know each woman who wore the dress as she tries to find the next bride for the dress, and each bride has something to share with her.

This story was so captivating. I loved the mix of historical perspective with modern day views. The stories of the women who had the dress before Charlotte found it were very interesting and kept me reading on. Emily was the first to own the dress, and her story takes place in 1912. Mary Grace was the next bride, and she wore the gown in 1939. The last bride Charlotte finds is Hillary, who had the dress in 1968. Their tales were heartfelt and helped Charlotte discover things in her own life. Plus, throw in some family drama with each bride and you’ve got a great novel that refuses to leave your hands.

I absolutely loved this book. Rachel Hauck is one of my favorite authors, but that’s not why I loved The Wedding Dress. This novel was full of pain, problems, and confusion, but it also had love, hope, and promise woven throughout. Rachel Hauck knows how to tell a captivating tale, and that is exactly what The Wedding Dress is. And who doesn’t love a little help from a meddling stranger—or could it be help from above?—in a romance novel?

If you like historical drama, romance, and mysteries, The Wedding Dress is definitely a novel for you.

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