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True to You By Becky Wade


ISBN-13: 9780764219368 Publisher: Bethany House

Becky Wade is at it again with her latest series The Bradford Sisters. Book one in the series, True to You, captured me from the very beginning and held me through to the last page.

Set in the pacific northwest area of Washington, True to You introduces readers to the Bradford family. The story focuses on Nora Bradford, the second of the three sisters. Nora is a brilliant genealogist and historian, and she just may love books and Northamptonshire—a historical drama—more than real love. After having her heartbroken three years prior, Nora decides to put love on the backburner for a while.

John Lawson, a former Navy SEAL and adoptee, is on a different mission in life. Owner and operator of his own company, John strives for success. He has a great house on the water, a loving family, and a wonderful job. But his world begins to change when he is diagnosed with a hereditary condition. Because he is adopted, he must begin the process of discovering the identity of his birth parents. His genealogy will provide him with the answers he needs most.

He hires Nora to help him with his search for his birth mom. They work together for several weeks, finding clues and following leads. Along the way, John and Nora begin to wonder if maybe—just maybe—they would make a good match. But before they can find the answer to that question—on top of the hunt they already have going on—they each must overcome the boundaries keeping them apart. Can they really do it?

Having read all of Becky Wade’s books, I can safely say that I absolutely love her work. This novel was no different from the others as far as that goes. Full of mystery, history, and romance, I could hardly put it down.

Nora was a relatable character for me, being a history major and bookworm myself, and her sisters were no less interesting. While this novel appeared to be separate from her Porter Family Series, Becky Wade left a little surprise in the novel, which made the two series have a loose connection. I was super excited to see this nugget, and I cannot wait for the next book to come out!

All in all, if you love romance, mysteries, and all-around good books, you will love True to You.

P.S:I would also recommend reading the novella Then Came You before reading the novel, as it helps to give a lot of background information. However, if you do not read the novella, you will not be lost at all. The novel just adds dimension to the three sisters’ parents.

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