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The White City


ISBN-13: 9781683228684 Publisher: Barbour

I really enjoyed The White City. I’d been looking forward to this book since I first saw it advertised and was not disappointed. The story comes to life when Winnifred Wylde sees a woman being abducted from the Chicago World’s Fair. In the past, Winnifred has lived in her novels but the opportunity to participate in a real investigation has her going undercover to find the clues needed to bring down H.H. Holmes. Her curiosity might get her killed when her courage takes her undercover into the macabre home of H.H. Holmes and his horrific crime spree. I loved her tenaciousness and fearless moves to find the answers she needs. Jude is the hero every romance book needs. He’s strong and witty, unrelenting in his concern for Winnifred. The White City is well done and really brings the details of history to life in this romantic mystery.


Publisher’s Description

Mysterious Disappearances Taint the Chicago World’s Fair

Step into True Colors — a new series of Historical Stories of Romance and American Crime

While attending the Chicago World’s Fair in 1893, Winnifred Wylde believes she witnessed a woman being kidnapped. She tries to convince her father, an inspector with the Chicago police, to look into reports of mysterious disappearances around the White City. Inspector Wylde tries to dismiss her claims as exaggeration of an overactive imagination, but he eventually concedes to letting her go undercover as secretary to the man in question—if she takes her pistol for protection and Jude Thorpe, a policeman, for bodyguard.

Will she be able to expose H. H. Holmes’s illicit activity, or will Winnifred become his next victim?

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