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Fugitive Spy

fugitive spy

ISBN-13: 9781335490278 Publisher: Love Inspired Suspense

Fugitive Spy by Jordyn Redwood was by far one of the best Love Inspired Suspense stories I’ve read thus far. The action is fast-paced, realistically written and appropriately timed. Ms. Redwood’s writing is tight and believable, and I enjoyed the storyline. Both the hero, Casper English and Ashley Drager were relatable, and their interactions were fun. I enjoyed seeing the romance develop throughout. When Casper arrives in Dr. Drager’s ER with amnesia and a plethora of wounds, she clues into his need for anonymity and finds creative ways to rescue and care for him. Their history supersedes the memory issues and helps to resolve them in a way that develops organically and is very well written. Fugitive Spy was a fast read because it was hard to put down. A definite five out of five stars.

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