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Tammy L. Gray’s latest novel, My Hope Next Door, is a phenomenal read!

When Katie Stone returns to the small hometown she left years ago, she’s reminded of all the trouble she caused. But, she’s determined to right her wrongs and help her parents handle her mother’s recent illness. Asher Powell, her next door neighbor, becomes Katie’s greatest friend and biggest support. He has his own inner battles raging, but he recognizes the sincerity in Katie’s faith and her attempts at forgiveness. The unlikely friendship that forms between these neighbors may help to bring them both the peace and hope they long for, as well as second chances they never dreamed possible before.

Having read and enjoyed all of Miss Tammy’s books, I had high expectations for this new novel. And I was not disappointed! The characters of this book, like all of her novels, were caught in very real scenarios: sins and drama that anybody could fall into in the real world. It made the characters more lovable and believable. The way she tackled the messages of forgiveness and love was well-thought out. She wove truth into this fictional tale, and she did it well.

Once I started reading this book, I could not put it down. I was constantly pulling it out every chance I got to see what else Katie would try and how it would end up. If romance, forgiveness, and friendship are elements one appreciates in a novel, My Hope Next Door will not be a letdown! If I had to give this book a rating, I would give it 5 out of 5 stars.

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